• Church of Santo Sepolcro (16th Century) via Dettori
  • Central nave

The Church of Santo Sepolcro

The church was built in XV century, in the Catalan Gothic style: the presbytery shows a stellar vault with pendulous gems, in which are carved the four evangelists. In the central gem is depicted Christ Risen.

The nave originally had ten chapels, five on each side: the central one on the right side of the nave was turned into an entrance opened to  the square, while two chapels of the left side have been modified to host  the Chapel of Mercy, which was partially dug on the rocky ridge on which the church leans..

The original structure of the Catalan Gothic church was changed radically in the XVII century, to be stylistically adapted to the new addition, the baroque Chapel of Mercy, while the altar of the nave is neoclassical, dating back to 1843.

In 1899, further transformation underwent the monument and its surrounding area,  when, following the removal of the outside cemetery , the piazza was lowered about two meters and  the entrance steps were built, together with the new facade, to highlight the Chapel of Mercy.